Part I
Constitutional Foundations

3. European Law: Nature – Direct Effect  


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  • Case 6/68 Zuckerfabrik
    Case 6/68 Zuckerfabrik Zuckerfabrik Watenstedt GmbH v Council of the European [Union] (1968); Direct effect, regulation, legal effect of measures adopted by an institutionFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 9/70 Grad
    Case 9/70 Franz Grad v Finanzamt Traunstein (1970); direct effect, measures adopted by an institution, direct effect, the right of individuals to invoke before courts of lawFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 2/74 Reyners
    Case 2/74 Reyners v Belgium (1974); Direct effect, preliminary ruling, free movement of services, right of establishmentFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 41/74 Van Duyn
    Case 41/74 Van Duyn v Home Office (1975); Direct effect, refused entry, Scientology, free movement of workersFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case 43/75 Defrenne
    Case 43/75 Defrenne v Sabena (No 2) (1976); [1976] ECR 455; direct effect, European Social Charter, sex discriminationFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 270/80 Polydor v Harlequin
    Case 270/80 Polydor Ltd and RSO Records Inc. v Harlequin Record Shops Ltd and Simons Records Ltd; Direct effect, interpretation of Treaty provisions, importation of gramophone and records from Portugal to UKFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 14/83 Von Colson
    Case 14/83 Von COlson v Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (1984); Direct effect, conflict of law between MS and EU lawFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case 152/84 Marshall
    Case 152/84 Marshall v Southampton and South West Hampshire Area Health Authority (1986) ECR 723; Direct effect, dismissal of employment, Equal Treatment Directive 1976Full Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-188/89 Foster
    Case C-188/89 Foster v British Gas Plc (1990); [1991] 2 AC 306; Dirct effect, organs of the State, private/public sectorFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-192/89 Sevince
    Case C-192/89 S. Z. Sevince v Staatssecretaris van Justitie (1990) I-03461; Direct effect, preliminary ruling, decisions of the EC-Turkey Association CouncilFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-91/92 Faccini Dori
    Case C-91/92 Paola Faccini Dori v Recreb Srl (1994) ECR I-03325; Direct effect, consumer protectionFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-32/93 Webb
    Case C-32/93 Webb v EMO Air Cargo (UK) Ltd (No 2) (1994) ECR I-3567; Direct effect, discrimination against a pregnant womanFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-280/93 Germany v Council (Bananas)
    Case C-280/93 Federal Republic of Germany v Council of the European Union (Bananas) (1994) ECR I-04973; Direct effect, importation, common organisation of the marketsFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-194/94 CIA Security
    Not yet Lisbonised; Case C-194/94 CIA Security International SA v Signalson SA and Securitel SPRL (1996) ECR I-02201; direct effect, technical standards and regulationsFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-368/95 Familiapress v Bauer
    Case C-368/95 Vereinigte Familiapress Zeitungsverlags-und vertriebs GmbH v Heinrich Bauer Verlag (1997) ECR I-3709; Direct effect, free movement of goods, quantitative restrictions (measures having equivalent effect)Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-149/96 Portugal v Council
    Case C-149/96 Portugese Republic v Council of the European Union (1999) ECR I-8425; Direct effect, market access for textile productsFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-403/98 Azienda Agricola
    Case C-403/98 Azienda Agricola Monte Arcosu Srl v Regione Autonoma della Sardegna and Organismo Comprensoriale No 24 della Sardegna and Ente Regionale per l'Assistenza Tecnica in Agricoltura (ERSAT) (2001) ECR I-121; Direct EffectFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-443/98 Unilever Italia
    Case C-443/98 Unilever Italia SpA v Central Food SpA (2000) ECR I-07535; Direct effect; technical standards and regulationsFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-438/00 Deutscher Handallbund eV v Kolpak
    Case C-438/00 Deutscher Apothekerverband eV v 0800 DocMorris NV and Jacques Waterval (2003) ECR I-14887; Direct effect, internet sales of medical productsFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-144/04 Mangold
    Case C-144/04 Mangold v Helm (2005); Direct effect, employment, horizontal direct effect, age discriminationFull Lisbonised Judgment
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