Part I
Constitutional Foundations

4. European Law: Nature – Supremacy/Preemption  


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  • Case 6/64 Costa v ENEL
    Case 6/64 Flaminio Costa v ENEL (1964); Primacy of EU law over member state (MS) lawFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Short summary
  • Case 40/69 Bollmann
    Case 40/69 Hauptzollamt Hamburg-Oberelbe v Firma Paul G. Bollmann (1970); Primacy of EU law, legislative powers, scope of Community (EU) RegulationsFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 11/70 Internationale Handelsgesellschaft
    Case 11/70 Internationale Handelsgesellschaft mbH v Einfuhr- und Vorratsstelle für Getreide und Futtermittel (1970); Primacy of EU law, conflict of law, German constitutional lawFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Short summary
  • Case 38-77 Enka
    Case 38-77 Enka BV v Inspecteur der Invoerrechten en Accijnzen Arnhem (1977) ECR-02203; DIrect Effect, measures adopted by an institution, DirectivesFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 55/77 Maris
    Case 55/77 Marguerite Maris, wife of Roger Reboulet v Rijksdienst voor Werknemerspensioenen (1977); Primacy of EU law, migrant workers, rules governing languagesFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 106/77 Simmenthal II
    Case 106/77 Amministrazione delle Finanze dello Stato v Simmenthal SpA (1978); Primacy of EU law, discarding by the national court of a law contrary to Community (EU) lawFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Short summary
  • Case 31/78 Bussone
    Case 31/78 Gebroeders Beentjes BV v State of the Netherlands (1988); Primacy of EU law, interpretation of DirectiveFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 148/78 Ratti
    Case 148/78 Pubblico Ministero v. Tullio Ratti (1979); Primacy of EU law, direct effectFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case 270/80 Polydor
    Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-11/92 Gallaher
    Case C-11/92 The Queen v Secretary of State for Health, ex parte Gallaher Ltd, Imperial Tobacco Ltd and Rothmans International Tobacco (UK) Ltd (1993) ECR I-03545; Primacy of EU law, labelling of tobacco products, informtion and warnings on dangers to healthFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-350/92 Spain v Council
    Case C-350/92 Kingdom of Spain supported by Hellenic Republic v Council of the European Union (1995) ECR I-2003 (Medicinal Products); Primacy of EU law, medicinal productsFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-10-22/97 IN.CO.GE’90
    Joined Cases C-10 and 22/97 Ministero delle Finanze and others v IN.CO.GE.'90 Srl (1998); Primacy of EU lawFull Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-318/98 Fornasar
    Case C-318/98 Criminal proceedings against Giancarlo Fornasar, Andrea Strizzolo, Giancarlo Toso, Lucio Mucchino, Enzo Peressutti and Sante Chiarcosso (2000) ECR I-04785; Primacy of EU law, definition of hazardous waste, interpretation of DirectiveFull Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-377/98 Netherlands v Parliament and Council
    Case C-377/98 Kingdom of the Netherlands v European Parliament and Council of the European Union (2001) ECR I-07079; Primacy of EU law, annulment, Directive interpretation, legal protection of biotecnological inventions.Full Lisbonised Judgment
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