Part I
Constitutional Foundations

3. Governmental Structure: Union Institutions I  

Extra Materials

Useful videos

European Parliament


European elections: How it works?


How it works: Being the Parliament President

How it works: How many MEPs are there?

How it works: Petitions to the European Parliament

How it works: Launch a European Citizens’ Initiative

European Parliament:

The building blocks of the European Parliament

Crack the conundrum: How many MEPs are there in the European Parliament

What is an MEP?

Parliament’s powers of investigation

Who’s who in Parliament: the Bureau

Behind the scenes of a plenary session

The ins and outs of the Strasbourg plenary

Power to the People


Joseph Weiler – What difference, if any, will the next elections to the European Parliament make?

Instant Know How:

The EU Parliament and the Treaty of Lisbon

European Council

Herman Van Rompuy:

Herman Van Rompuy explains: What is the European Council?

Animation on the role of the President of the European Council

Herman Van Rompuy explains: What happens during European Council meetings?


How it works: European Council Summits

How it works: President of the European Council


Council of Ministers

Council of the EU:

The EU Council of Ministers explained

What is the Council presidency and how does it work?

Council animation voting system